As a company working in service industry, we always give our best to provide high standards of products to our customers. High standards demand high qualities and efforts, and Alvindo Catur Sentosa is proud to be supported by high-skilled, passionate, and professional team.

We consider our team as a highly important part of our company, and we are delightful to help the team enhance their capabilities, while also developing their career—both as a person and a team—and furthermore, giving them the chances to experience positive vibes within our company.

Here we present numerous testimonies from our team, who have been working together with Alvindo Catur Sentosa to achieve our vision and mission:

DONI – Supervisor of VMI Project

I began my career here since November 2013. I started as VMI admin. In December 2014, I was promoted into a supervisor of VMI Project. One thing that impresses me, I have always been given the chance by Alvindo to develop my knowledge and experiences. I feel that I am pushed to do better. I will keep working with my team to give my best, and achieving the goal that the company had set.

BEBEN – Sales Executive

Alvindo Catur Sentosa provides big chances for me to increase my experiences and knowledges about the industries. The very good flow of communication between every stakes is terrific, and I think it is one of our great strengths.

MUSTARI – Inventory Planner

I have been working for PT. Alvindo Catur Sentosa for 1 year and 9 months, and my position now is as an Inventory Planner. Basically, my job is to plan the products purchasing from foreign markets for Alvindo’s stocks. There are many positive insights I have got since I joined Alvindo Catur Sentosa. I think that the values we implement here motivate me to work better and better.

SELVIA – Recruitment and Assesment

My responsibility here is to fulfill the needs of manpower. We apply the principal of Put Right People in the Right Position. In this company, I am given the circumstances where I can keep learning and developing myself within a solid team and our solidarity. Such a friendly, warm environment with various events that bring us closer. Keep going, Alvindo Catur Sentosa !

ANDRY – Sales Executive

My daily routines as a sales executive in Alvindo Catur Sentosa are to looking for new customers, visiting customers, planning the demands and following-up the demands. Being a part from PT. Alvindo Catur Sentosa is wonderful for me, with our friendly work environment and the great opportunities for me to upgrade myself. Thank you Alvindo Catur Sentosa.

Jojo – Human Capital Department

Within my 6 months employment with PT. Alvindo Catur Sentosa, I am assisted by several great team members in Recruitment and Selection, People Development and Training, Employee Relations, HR Administration and General Affairs. The greatest team work I have ever been with. Fun environment with lots of meaningful training, self-development training, sharing events and activities. The activities bring us closer, therefore we can coordinate better in our work.