Employee Gathering

21 April 2018

Many people said that one solution to regain focus is by breaking the routine. That’s why employee gathering become the most awaited activity for every employees.

This time, we chose amusement park called Dunia Fantasi as a destination for gathering, with their Halilintar and other thrilling rides. We encourage people to feel the thrill and scream at the top of their lungs, things we couldn’t do at the office. Screaming is not only able to banish negative emotion but also make us forget about our routine.

Before we go to Dunia Fantasi, we add one more special activity which is by giving away prizes and continued by having lunch together. Every employee wishes to get the main prize which is a flat TV, unfortunately there could only be one lucky person.

This one day activity closed with exciting story from everyone while boarding the rides. Half of them chose thrilling rides and the rest chose normal rides. But we believe that everyone enjoyed all moments, not just because of the activity, but with whom we do it. one very simple day which becomes a day we won’t easily able to forget.

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