Employee Award Q1 2018

05 April 2018

Reward is a familiar word in corporate movement who usually paired with Punishment. Reward can be the source of motivation to achieve greater heights, and not only for the person who gets it but also others who didn’t get it. That’s how reward can influence people to give their best performance, and for that very reason we decided to held our own Employee Award event to appreciate our best employees.

It was the first time we held it, but everyone look so enthusiast to give their contribution in this event. There are several categories that we chose to give:

This event will be held every quarter and we hope that the next competition will be even more tremendous.

Basically, competition is a normal because everyone will fight to be the best. And for everyone who give their best performance, this reward is a symbolic action to describe company’s invaluable gratitude for their amazing performance and commitment.

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