Chinese New Year Celebration

09 February 2018

Chinese New Year celebration is often linked with hanging red lantern in the corner of rooms. Not only unique, most people believe that lantern can avoid the occupant from threat of crime and bad luck. Based on this philosophy, we used lantern as an object for celebration in Alvindo Catur Sentosa by arranging a lantern-making competition.

We had 15 minutes to make lantern as much as possible. With some help from tutorial video, each group make lanterns with their own style and approach, while laughing at their ‘masterpiece’.

On finishing,  we pour our creativity and hopes for the future into the lantern. Even though we didn’t make a red lantern, but those lingering feeling remains the same, and you can feel the happiness and hope in this event.

With lanterns hanging in the workspace, we’re hanging our spirit as high as possible to reach a better future together. May happiness and fortune always accompany us in every single steps while living our lives.



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